Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

She is not the snakeskin lady, she is not the woman with 3 heads ... she is 38!!!

- "And how old are you then with the wine and the beers and all?"
Said the lady at the register in the liquor store.
- "Eh ... 38 ..." I muttered ...
- "No freaking  way! Unbelievable. Hey hey, Janne, Janneeeee, come come. How old is she?"
Shouted the lady at some dude on the other side of the store ...
- "I don't know! But I think she is legal. About 25?"
- "25? are you crazy? She looks 17!"  Said another lady standing beside him.
I start to sweat as the lady at the register is pointing at me asking random people to guess how old I am ...
- "38 ...38? No no give me your id I don't believe you!" ...
it went on until I finally paid the forsaken beers and wine and was out of there...

Ok it IS flattering to be asked for an id ... but this was just embarrassing. I felt like a circus freak ... people were Aweing and Ohhhing and Wowing and WHISPERING O_O haha
I picked up my stuff and run like hell with the fear that I will in the end get lynched for looking young.
And I mean I do look younger than I am but this was a bit too much :/

Oh well, at least I know I am legal lol

Tags: dear diary, pointless posts

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