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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
Midsommar 22 June 2012 part 1 of 5 (44 out of 157 pictures) 
5th-Aug-2012 12:05 pm
On the road to friends' house a wee bit out of the city

View from the porch

here we go ...

Someone is opening his birthday present :)

... someone needed a birthday hug :)

Waiting for the Midsummer lunch I found a friend :)

What's cooking?

the lazy ones just chillin outside

I went to pick the traditional Midsummer 7 different flowers

gave it to the lazybum

... he posed after request

yet the girls had already beat me to it with a far more beautiful and elaborate bouquet
that sat wonderfully in a vase ...

So I stuffed mine in a bottle :)
quite appropriate me thinks ...

Sweet girl (Caroline E.)  with crazy photographable profile :)

Waiting for the last one on the table ...

Happy Midsummer :D

After lunch, shoes on and a lil walk down by the water
 ... rather windy and my skirt kept on flying ...

the house ... from a ... certain angle ...

to be continued ...

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