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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
new start 
13th-Aug-2012 07:51 am
Getting ready for the new store.
A bit nervous here. What if everyone is an asshole there. What if they smell? What if they are so ugly I can't stand to look at them? What if there are more mafia-gypsy-romanian-beggars outside the store? (with that fucking face ... have you noised they all make that fucking face?) What if the people I have to supervise are ALL mongos? What if too many mothers with their freakin screamin babies come into the store?
Well ... I will survive hehe. This is what "I" call luxury problem. hohoho

Facebook people inform me that the Olympic games are over. Well since I got no TV set at home and since I don't really give a rat's testicle I can not say it actually bothered me this time. All my neighbors (most probably) believe in some dude with a beard that does not allow them to do sports.(Well... they cut off their women's clitoris and dress them like ninjas though. That is the closest to a sport they probably get.) So, there was no loud TV's around with people cheering and stuff. So this Olympics was as if it never happened for me.

Now clean up London motherfucker's because I am planning to visit .... soon-ish (end of autumn-ish)

And off I go ....
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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