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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
good stuff ... 
14th-Aug-2012 08:37 am
The new location is really beautiful.
Odenplan makes you breathe. Open spaces and very beautiful architecture. Apart from two abominations built in the 80s, the rest around the store are a fucking sight for sore eyes. And people. Oh my god the quality of people!!! Nice and clean! So far no junkies, no alcoholics, and no weirdos. Plus .... talking about sight for sore eyes ... wait for it ..... there is an open gym right next door!!! So I see men in the best condition you can imagine, running in and out and all around the block. And passing right outside you can look at them in there sweating and huffing and puffing and .... today I am getting a bag of popcorn and sitting right outside with the girls from the store! :p

off i go ...

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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