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So, I have a big big big bag filed with black clothes. Velvet lace and vinyl. I’m going to a second hand store tomorrow (called “Black”) to sell the hell out of them. It is the first time I decided to get rid of really good quality clothes. I usually don’t even part from my shity ones. It will be fun to go out in a couple of weeks and look at people wearing my garments…. Ok now I just changed my mind.

Pfffffffff Maybe I change again tomorrow.


In other news. It snowed one day and the next it melted away. This is the worst winter since 1989. Even the meteorologists on TV who usually announce the weather with a shiny smile when they are about to say that it is going to be plus degrees and sunny (this IS Sweden after all), now they look moody and annoyed announcing with a muffled voice : “ ´t is gonna be sunny and warm tomorrow, 0 to +4 pfffffffffff”

This winter sucks!


Movie News.

The latest Cohen movie, “No Country For Old Men”, was very good!!!

I’m looking forward to “Sweeney Todd”. It unfortunately comes bloody very super late in Sweden (15th of Feb.)

I just finished watching “30 days of Night”. Not bad. I’ve seen worst.


Last week I watched the following 2007 movies.

“Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium”, entertaining for us children at heart but too damn short. (I wish I lived in that store)

 Then I watched “Shoot Em Up”. Dude, what can I say? I was NOT prepared for this. Let’s just say if you want to see people shooting people, then this is the ultimate action movie. - Same as if you really want to see martial arts and shooting  action combo, then you must watch “Moonchild” (with Gackto sama) -

Then I saw “When A Man Falls”. It was, depressing with not real substance. It was American depressing, you know, when you couldn’t care less….

I also saw “Fur” with my sweet sweet sweet gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Ah! So beautiful!!! Eh, ehm. Oh, and the movie was really good too ;) (Jag älskar henne!) Oh, oh oh, I also saw “The Invasion” with Nicole but it was so-so… Eh… it was ok…

Now I still have 3 more movies waiting with Nicole; “Margot at the Wedding”, “The Golden Compass” and “Australia”.


Oh yeah I also saw “I am Legend” last month. It started magnificent and in the middle it kinda fucked up, and in the end it really sucked. :( Shame cause the brother was really good!!!


Now I’ve been saving the following movies the last 3 weeks but I won’t wait no more. It is time for:

“Rescue Dawn”, “Sleuth”, “Eastern Promises” and last but NOT least “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” I think I’ll watch this on Saturday with some seriously good American Red Ale ( maybe a Thomas Hardy’s Ale) or a Swedish Smoked Porter, accompanied with some first class French Chevre. Hmmm and maybe some good red wine on the side (most preferably Australian).

Damn I can’t wait till Saturday. Or maybe Friday? ;)

Ah, life is good!


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