Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

... so if I hit a wall ...

Fifth song tested on the master’s studios.
He said: “a good sad song”
That made me happy. To me, that translates as: I approve my child

I feel good about this.
We talked about past present future and backwards ... and I managed not to cry.
Well, only THIS is progress.
So this time it is for real. No more ifs and buts and no more lazing about. This demo is on the go.
With or without final touch ups, it will have to do.

As for me me ... I am starting to feel a little better.
I am still sad, for reasons yet untold and to forever remain untold, but I am starting to face reality.
I have to stand on my feet and really take each day at a time.
And in the end I really must move on. I hate this scenario. But if I hit a wall ... there is no other way really ...

But for now I am letting life take me wherever.
Enjoy little moments as they come, when they come, if  they come.
No promises, no plans, no expectations.
There is a time and a place for all that ... but right now ... it is right now .
I  can not avoid it and I can not change it.
It is what is is.

I let my defenses find their way into me.
Work their magic.
And fortunately ... or unfortunately ... set me finally free ...

And for an entry like that ... what a better song than this?

the giddy edge of light

Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light
We shut the door on pain
Those tales are dead - dead forever
A wind must agree
To blow us on course
It can be quick to come
But, once it's gone - it's gone forever
Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light
We are all in this vein
It is already too late
What do we witness?
What do we negate?
In this world of shadows
And sordid allusion
Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light
All this arrogance and ignorance
Will be washed away
Craving for tomorrow
Craving for today
By association
I want, want everything
Through the winter's woods
To the giddy edge of light


Tags: dear diary, music, sad, song of the day

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