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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
Beer and Whiskey Festival here I come! 
29th-Sep-2012 10:53 am

Today I'm going to the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival. This year I am going there twice!
Today it is trial day :)

I have been really bad with updating my Ale tag. Not from lack of drinking good stuff. On the contrary, this last year I have drunk some of the most interesting beers in my beer drinking career.But I have no time, no camera, no pc, and no patience to do the stuff I used to with borrowed cameras and this really slow laptop.

But things WILL change.

Consider this post a teaser with some spectacular beers I've tried recently, (with some unspectacular pictures taken with boyfriend's phone) And no comments.

See you at the trenches  bitches :)

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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