Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Girls went dancing ...

Well last night, this cat went dancing!


Yes, I went out with a lovely girl last night.
I watched
Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras again after ... oh lets see ... almost 2 years.(?)
Damn I danced for 3 hours (on high heels.)
These guys always make me happy!
Such talent, such energy. Such weirdness ...
Zydeco is like Prozac.
It makes you dance dance dance and sweat away the sadness!

(my feet are destroyed though ... foot massage anyone?)

The only problem is the place. Bad sound and literally filled with drunk people over 60! My ass has been grabbed by old ladies repeatedly. What is it with women over 60? Why do they think it's ok to grab someones ass? Is it because we are women? Yeah sure, lets start groping cause we are the same species. Bah! This time it was not such a shock though. I knew what it was coming.

Ah well that's minor though. The band is so electric, so magical, so full of light, full of life ... that everything else just disappears!


This concert was like "reset". Feel me? It was like "erase and rewind"
And good company always makes the evening more pleasant.
-She danced for 3 hours on high heels too by the way! Tough chick. No mushing about in a chair!! :D -
Ah, now I got fuels for the winter!

And some noise-industrial will do good just about now :D

Big love!

Tags: concerts, dear diary, me, music

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