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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
there goes sunday ... 
20th-Jan-2013 03:56 pm
Dear diary. I am so un-pleased to inform you that my brain finally decided to sleep after .... I don't remember ... weeks months years ... ?
It chose the wrong day and the wrong time.

I came home late at night. Went to bed at 03:30. Tossed and turned as usual until 09:30 in the morning and then the brain slept till 14:00 in the motherfucking afternoon.
There goes my motherfucking Sunday.

Well at least I slept 5 fucking hours.

What next?
Food ... hmmm let's see when does one eat finally?

Well I went home late cause I went out clubbing. At a synth goth club!
And for the first time since ..................... bijillion years ... I had a great time!
Ah, well, when I am in my element, all goes spooky-ly smoothly :D

I will actually do it again :D

Now, since my Sunday is raped in the pooper from
the unexpected mister Sandman, I haven't got many choices.
So, I may finally go to the old basement to check on those old vinyls ... will I sell or will I not? hmmm ...

Let's see ...
Alexandra N.S the goth years
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