Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Girly Mode

So, In March, during the Swedish Easter my friend Danae was visiting me.

During that time I was programmed to "Girly Mode" I mean REALLY girly mode. I  painted my by long nails PINK for the first time in my life. (Yes it is MY nails, MINE.) And if that wasn’t enough I also borrowed my niece’s pink watch and pink fuzzy bracelet and voila …  long Thursday I was a bon-bon cotton-candy.

(It was during THAT time I thought of a title)

It kinda makes your skin crawl.

We went back and forth from my flat to my sisters house. It was snowing and the sun was shining.

Here you can see my toys in my flowerpots. I have all my figurines from my Dungeons and Dragons era, plus some rats and some other stuffies.

Then after 3 days of Dolly Parton jokes (who by the by I discovered THEN that she was playing live here this summer and I though … ok this is a sign), I got kinda done with it and painted my nails slut-red and enjoyed hooker jokes for many-many days.

(It was then when I thought of the first verse)

Then I added a lill black over them and got into my artistic side.

(Danae has those pictures)

And then after Danae left, on my birthday, I felt very patriotic and I thought lets be yellow and blue like a Swedish flag. Here I am "Du gammla du fria …"

(then I started building the melody)

And then 3 days later I kinda had it.

I cut my nails short, polish them cypress-green, I trimmed my hair and now I reprogrammed and entered the "Lesbian Mode" again, which I intent to keep for quite a while.
Lesbian mode ON. Ready set, GO

(and now the song is ready to be recorded … it is called "Little pink hate and everything about you" Original huh? )

Tags: blond, friends, girly mode, hair, me, pink, zombie

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