Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)


When I was a kid I kind of hated school. Mostly because I hated my teachers and my classmates. I was never the kid to wear the uniform and never the kid with the clean ironed clothes. I was the little slob sitting alone dreaming away being compeletely alone in my head wishing everyone would disappear … and they did. For a long time I would be totally alone in the classroom. Everyone was dead and I was left in peace.

This picture is the ambassador of my childhood.

But I always loved learning, I always loved History and Languages and Biology. So later on when I decided to go to school again. (I mean the last 6 years) I feel such a geek. Because I am, for the first time, enjoying school. My teachers are the best and I don't mind my classmates (at least not the Swedes … the other ethnicities smell a bit but hey I shouldn't ask for perfection) I would love to become a teacher but then I wouldn't want to have any students because I hate people. But I would love to have a classroom like this, to go there very early in the morning and study. Feel the cold air through the open window and smell the moldy scent gushing from the maps on the walls that are long ago outdated. Feel the old heavy desk under my slightly wet palm and listen to the old wooden floor crackling under my boots. In the quiet of an empty old classroom I find bliss!

So this next picture is representing me, my personality, and my whole life really.

(Symbolism ... is my favorite science; So if you can interpret this picture you get a point and maybe a place in my classroom once a week )

Thank Danae for the lovely pictures at the Stadsmuseet.
Tags: blond, hair, happy, me, museums, school

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