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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
My trip to the North. Day Two. June 16. On the road to Luleå.  
22nd-Jun-2013 02:26 pm
Less words more pictures.
The words will come later.
I have very little time to write here and my access to the internet is very limited.
So my plan to update my journal from my phone didn't really work.
Today its a kind of lazy hangover-y cloudy day so I found some time to update:)
Here ya go
 33 pictures :)

Waking up to the softest bed ever.

Attacking the hotel breakfast checking the view from the hotel ...

Saying goodbye to sleepy Umeå

and woooosh
on the road again

Passing through my friend's hometown

The weather changes on the road are pretty swift.
Every 10 minutes you got a radical weather switch.

I love it

Arrived in Luleå. Welcomed by a 16 year old hairy sausage :)
Say hello to smelly Moa.

Ratty found a wheel ... he couldn't help it ... he had to ... it's in his DNA

Also had to adapt to the customs
sauna time

I find friends everywhere. Not very smart though. She was kinda thick

Future rhubarb pie in the garden

Late at night. A walk by the water

That's it. We'll never sleep in this trip. The sun never sets.

(oh the irony on the song I'm listening to as I'm posting this ;) )

.... To be continued ...

photographing II
22nd-Jun-2013 10:20 pm (UTC)
:) Love all the pictures!
23rd-Jun-2013 07:23 am (UTC)
thanks sugar :)
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