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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

My trip to the North. Day Four. June 18. A short drive to Finland.

Day four. 52 pictures.
A very Foggy day that only got foggier.
We left the cabin in Mettäjärvi shortly, to visit a place with a few exhibitions and an art gallery near the borders.
Then we drove to Finland.
The lil houses with the exhibitions around where just lovely :)
The artist
Rolf Suup was manic depressive and you can clearly see it in his paintings.
I maybe see a bit too much familiar stuff in his painting.
I am not a big fan of the sculptures although they are great, but I loved the paintings.
Here you can see a bit more about him: Rolf Suup

Now in Finland you will wonder about my obsession on taking pictures of signs. Well I always found Finish really funny. You take a word (Swedish or English or even Greek) add an "i" in the end :p I always liked to play this game. Especially many years ago with the ex. He would ask me: "So what is cinnamon in Finish?" And I'd say : "Hmmm well in Swedish is Kanel so in Finish it must be Kaneli"  Correct.
So here ya go :p

I drove the sleigh bitches

I met some chicks

That one I liked. I would paint it black though
of course ...

Most of his sculptures were like that
Lots of eggs

I LOVE this one

Now let the chase of the "i" begin!!!

TaKsi lol

And in the liquor store

Yeah! Kippis Goddamn it!

And of course the got different Cola campaign there ...
Instead of all those unnecessary names, they have :


(Ok I'm joking, there were names on the small bottles)

I can't describe how much I laughed at this.

And, ok. This is in the supermarket.
I HAD to paparazzi that guy who was waiting at the register ... with a ... knife in his back pocket?
And you complain about the Americans who have guns?
We walk around with knives in Finland motherfuckers!

Then we went to the Arctic Circle borders on the Finish side.
It is exactly across the water from the Swedish one

(were I posted the pictures from on my previous entry)

Jump with Ratty!!

Yeah we ALWAYS have to make that joke with telephone booths.
We are juvenile what can I tell you?

Super bear-hug outside the gift shop

And look at all these people on the parking lot ...
(that's our car)

Of-course in the gift shop one must make the "80s movie shopping with music trying clothes filler*

And yes! I have a thing with cowboy hats ... Maybe I should buy one and wear it in Texas when I visit Krista Lee :D
(She used me as a gun ... that crazy bitch)
Bang Bang!

Then we found the play ground on the other side of the gift shop

Then back to the cabin. The humidity was so high that day that I think my soul got curly!

to be continued ...
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