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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

My trip to the North. Day Seven. June 21. Midsummer in Kuttainen ... and the Midnight sun ...

49 pictures.

Day 7 was Midsummer.
Not a traditional Midsummer this time.
No Midsummer pole. No dancing "the frog"
song or the "three lil old ladies" song.
No traditional food either
It was different.
But it was nice.
And it was the brightest I ever had in Sweden. Even if the sun insisted on hiding behind the clouds, at 00:00 it was broad daylight:)

So, starting the day with some football ... well ...
it was my cue to go around with my camera.

At the local (and only) store in Kuttainen

The house we mostly hang to eat and socialise with the family

The house Johnny and I stayed at.
(yes there is a playground right outside but the kids bothered us there only the last day)

This is the main path to this complex of houses that belongs to Johnny's family.
It's a rather large estate. Really nice and quiet.
If you count the
mosquitoes out of course.

I have nasty pictures and stories about mosquitoes but I choose not to dwell on that.
It's not that horrible really. Just a tad annoying.
Here they had a machine to lure them. I found it terrifying. Gazillions of mosquitoes were trapped in there.

That's the smokery
Everyone has one of those in their property :)
This, and a Sauna, are vital parts of living in the North of Sweden.
The smell of tar and ashes makes my heart flutter and I smile like an idiot.

And of course since it was midsummer I had to go pick my seven flowers
Like every year :)

And then, a nice long walk around the neighborhood
Where there is rumble there's a rumbler .
and there I was, taking a lot of pictures of abandonment

I tell you it is really tough to make my lovely boyfriend stand still
and not smile for more that 5 seconds.

He is like a bee on acid most of the time :)
So I had to be really fast with this one.

Back in the yellow house
... I found the freezer with all the corpses in the basement ....
my LORD it was cold down there ... And inspiring I gotta tell you ....
Well you know, I don't eat red meat ... but there is nothing more exciting than a spooky freezing cold basement filled with corpses.
It lets your imagination run wild ...

... know what I'm sayin ?

So why EVERY year in Midsummer, I get to take pictures of men trying to start the grill.

And they fail ....
well ... the first one and a half hour at least  ;)

Then something like that happens ...
tough guy comes along with sofa-dog ...

(I love this picture)

eh ... I mean THAT happens!

"mmmmmm tasty! I smell gassoliiiiiiiiine AOOOOoooo"

I said I don't eat red meat ... but this girl looks tasteh!

a wee bit intoxicated ...

and finally people started gathering from all around to eat ....
I love Moa (on the right) That's her peeing position hehe
such a cute lovely ancient creature

Then we got indoors ... the weather wasn't very Midsummer-friendly
so we got on with THIS :D

boy oh boy someone is happy in the background

Then I told them we are out of whiskey
and this happened ...

followed by this...

Then I told them we got beer ...

...but it's cheap local lager ...

Actually I had a lot of fun taking "improv" pictures of the cousins
They really played along :) Talented bunch :D

Then it was time for me and Norsfe-Rattu
(a.k.a. Ratty, or Really Scary Rat)
to go out and take pictures of the midnight sun
00:00 on the dot

It was rather cloudy so I could not actually take a picture of the sun, but it was there in the back somewhere in the horizon.

I loved the quiet, the tranquility you find at moments like that.
It was just me, Norsfe-Rattu and the mosquitoes out there ...

And an hour later I took the last picture from inside the yellow house
Bye bye Midnight sun :)
See you next year!

to be continued ...

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