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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
I hate How Everyone is Diagnosed ..... 
8th-Aug-2013 12:53 pm
I have had just about enough with all those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and seek a diagnosis rather than accept the fact that they are just weak, or afraid, or not that genius, or can't handle pressure, or they are over sensitive, or a little lazy, or very lazy, or needy, or have low self esteem, or are attention whores (because of the low self esteem) .... or maybe, just maybe, they are simply adssholes. And they are NOT borderline, or bipolar, or depressed or any other bloody diagnosis that is in fashion for the last 15 years.
Sometimes there just isn't an excuse that can let you off the hook for snapping out, for being thoughtless, for drinking too much, for not caring enough, for not putting your business in order in good time, for feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied and maybe a little ungrateful for what you have in life.
Admit fault and move on, do not ask to be excused behind a convenient diagnosis.
And to all of YOU who excuse your friends and boyfriend/girlfriends, I have one thing to say: Sometimes your girlfriend is just a fucking bitch and not borderline. Sometimes your boyfriend is just a lazy asshole and not depressed.
Yes, sometimes it is THAT simple.

I have grown up in a home with a person who suffers REAL manic Depression. My mother. This "disease" took my childhood away, and many other things i am not going to count here. And it has taken my mother's life forever. But hearing this diagnosis (who politically correct morons call: bipolar the last 25 years) from people who are not in the least close to the real condition, makes me want to pick their fucking eyes out from their skull.
There are people who are very sick, for real, and so when the hysterical, oversensitive, egocentric, selfish bitch is being diagnosed as bipolar, it takes away the sincerity of the weight the condition has and the toll it takes on the people who have it and the people around those who have it.

That goes for all bloody diagnosis.

So yeah it might sound rather unfortunate to you but, Sometimes you are just to lazy to fix your life. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with you honey.
Sometimes you are just who you are!

Here: some good literature on the subject. A great book to open up your eyes a little


The book argues that psychiatry's love affair with the diagnosis of depression has become a death grip. Depression is a real illness, especially in its melancholic form. But most patients who get the diagnosis of "depression" are also anxious, fatigued, unable to sleep, have all kinds of physical symptoms, and tend to obsess about the whole thing. They do not have a disorder of "mood." It is a travesty to call them all "depressed." How did this happen? How did everyone become depressed?
The result has been a scientific disaster, leading to the misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment (with "antidepressants") of millions of patients. Urging that the diagnosis of depression be re-thought, the book turns a dramatic page in the understanding of psychiatric symptoms that are as common as the common cold.
9th-Aug-2013 02:27 am (UTC)
I agree with you. I have a friend that blames everyone around her for her life. I had to recently block/hide her from my facebook because I got sick of hearing it. Go throw your pity party elsewhere, after 15 years of hearing it and her not doing shit about it... yeah... moving on.

Like you, I've seen the real thing.

Gah. I hate people sometimes.
10th-Aug-2013 10:27 am (UTC)
yeah sometimes ... :p
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