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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
nine inch noooooooooo 
9th-Sep-2013 08:46 pm
"hesitation marks" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Song 5, "All time Low" must be an all time low for NiN. It is so bad I got angry.
I'd rather listen to paint dry ...
Plus ... this guy ... he sounds like he has an extra extra chromosome .... extra than before  ... He is an Imperial Double Mongo now.
Not that I had any expectations .... I am not a fan anyway so it might be an unfair review ...  but wtf? This was shite! Some songs had good music but his singing is so retarded it reminds of bob dylan. Yes SO bad. You know bob ... You know, that guy that sounds like you step on his little toe all the time "wueeeee weeeee weeeee" .....

BAH! -_-
I'm gonna go listen to some aggressive noise now to calm down
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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