Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

I'm on my way out again. So Merry Hogswatch. Happy Solstice and Happy New Year!

I have been bad with the writing here this year.
It has been an awfully strange year!
It has been educating and eye opening.
It has been mind-blowing and revealing.
It has been a little sad.
A little dangerous.
And very exciting.
It has been ... wonderful really :)
I travelled around scandinavia and met a lot of interesting people. (Denmark being my latest trip a couple of Weeks ago but didn't find time to post anything about it yet. I must say I fucking loved it ... but more about it on another post)
I removed some parasites from my life and added some priceless new friends <3
All men I'm afraid, but that does not mean anything rather than cementing the fact that I get along with dudes better than chicks, since, well girls usually bore the begonias out of me. - Yes yes, OK OK. With quite a few exceptions. Don't bite me bitches I love you too :D
I feel grateful for the people in my life. Those close and those far. From my boyfriend to my brother in the old country. To all my soul-mate mates. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for making it more interesting. Thank you for being there. Rain or shine.
Thank you.
Oh, and especially to my American friends I have to say: "So far, and yet so close! I love you!"
I hope the new year get's even better. I hope those hurt get better. Those wounded heal. Those angry calm down. Those lost find solace! Those away to come back :)
I am on my way to Norland again.
LJ's app on my phone sucks balls unfortunately, so I will be making a few posts on facebook on my way to Luleå and a few posts right before we enter the wilderness.
We are spending the new year twice. We will be (hopefully) standing on the ice between Sweden and Finland. And since Finland is one hour ahead we are going to wave to them in the future and then an hour later join 2014 :D
In case I get totally radio silent after the 28th I wish you all an interesting New Year. Full of good surprises and orgasms :)
Love, caresses and bites from me  and Nosfe-Ratu (aka Really Scary Rat).
He has his sweater on and he is ready for a lot of cold :D
Tags: dear diary, holidays, new year, new year's eve, travelling

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