Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

May was ...

May 2014 in pictures ...

I finally met the Xanthi :) <3

In a combo visit with lovely Rune :)

I took em to the library ;)

I went to the Viking restaurant for a second Mead tasting with Rune and my loveliest friend Jan Erik!

I watched an awesome show with awesome experimental acts at Fylkingen.
The Ferox Big Band Experience
Karl Max, Kroll Splint, Cotton Ferox, Henrik Møll & Rasmus Juel
I loved it

I went to Skansen

Which pictures I will upload in a different post altogether ...

I discovered my neighborhood with my bike

And the next day I got picked up by an ambulance to the emergency room ...

I have one thing to say after this experience : Learn how to live alone and be prepared to die alone people. Life is full of unpleasant fucking surprises!
Your friends, your loved ones ... if you got any... will not be there ... just that day.

Recovery took its sweet time ... but it happened ...
And a walk around my old neighborhood helped a lot :)

That lovely swan chased 2 families with children away and attacked a baby!
Within not too long, the little shore was all quiet again :D
My hero that day!

Also scratching and torturing my neighbors with my guitar helped too ;)

And that was fucking May .... As I said ... shit happens all the time ... I really do not have time to get bored with my life.
 I sometimes wish I could get one week of no events. One uneventful boring week. Just like it was a few years ago. When I was in limbo.
Ah well ... I can't complain ;)

June coming up ...
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