Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

R.I.P. Little Moa

It's funny how we get so deeply attached to our pets. 
How deep we feel for them. 
How quickly we consider them family. 
How soon we take them for granted.
Suddenly they are a part of our everyday routine.
A family member that it is guaranteed to be always there, rain or shine.
Every summer vacation, every christmas, every birthday. No excuses for the contrary.  

Even though I don't believe that animals feel "love" the same way that humans do. Meaning, that the interpretation is completely different from what WE define love. Because humans define love through reasoning. Animals do not. Animals do not analyze or reason why they want to be around, why they want to protect you or why they feel safe in your presence. They don't love you in that sense.
Your cat or dog does not feel disappointment if you forget their birthday or if you don't keep an appointment. 
They won't feel envy if you do well at your job, and they won't give a shit if it is your anniversary or your special day.
Animals don't care if you are rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, atheist, jew, or a fucking alien. 
They don't even care what species you are. 
They don't care if you have them sleeping on a newspaper next to you on the street, or in a satin diamond bed in a freakin palace. As long as they are beside you, as long as you feed them, you are kind to them and give them companionship. 
They will create a bond. A bond primal and deep. So for the sake of argument I will call that bond "love"

It's funny how we get so deeply attached to our pets, yes. 
And yet so soon we think of them as a part of the family that because it is not so needy we alway put last on the list.

It's funny how soon they trust you completely. Show affection and devotion right away. Unlike humans. And unlike humans they will not betray you. They don't know how.
And they "love" you unconditionally.
Boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, even blood relatives may dissapear from your life like a puff of smoke in the air.
But your pet will be there. Rain or fucking shine.

And then one day you have to say goodbye.
And you really can't grasp how the years past so fast. How much more time you could have spend with them.
And, a feeling which is my personal "favorite", you wonder if they really knew how much they meant to you.
Of course those are common feelings when you lose somebody. 
But with pets it's a little different, because they were always, no matter how much you deny it, the last on the list.

And you feel you lost a piece of you. Someone who "loved" you unconditionally. Or at least someone who would be there even if you didn't scratch their back the night before. 

Moa was not my dog. But she was a part of a beautiful family I got to appreciate and love.
Moa had a great personality.
She got to be 17 years old. Human years 130 (according to her master)
Moa was half blind, half deaf, half a wreck towards the end, and yet she would not miss the opportunity to growl and bark her lungs out at the potential threat behind the door in the cottage, in the middle of the woods!
Moa would protect us no matter what. 
She had a foul breath, something like a rotten meat and a decomposing fish. It could make your eyes tear. Like a perfect tear gas. Poor thing was a mess.
But, even with one paw in the grave Moa would still give a good fight!
Now THAT, is love.

I have been crying all day today. And felt that I can't have a pet. I can't deal with loss.
I told my friend on the phone "I don't want to have a pet, I can't stand the thought of them dying" 
And he said "I can't imagine living without animals. Life would be so boring without them"

And he is right.

It is after all a guarantee companion for a lifetime. 
Yours or theirs.

Goodbye Moa
I'm so glad I met you

My first encounter

A long hello after months apart.

Moa and Norsferattu

In the borders between Sweden and Finland on the Polar circle. Road trip.

Moa the day she was supposed to die last year. Her people decided to give her painkillers and let her live until she decides to go. She was mighty frisky that day. Almost impossible to get a still picture of her.

Moa on the far right enjoying Midsummer with her entire family up in Kuttainen. Yes I think she is peeing there :D

Moa Chillin with the grillin in Jim's arms!

Now the rest of the pictures are not that awesome quality but its all I've got from when I saw her last.

This is Moa New Years Eve 2013-2014 right before we left her in the cottage alone cause we were on our way to celebrate on the ice.
Thats the exact spot we found her upon return :)

Moa trying to pee but there is no privacy in this world :p

Now this is a bizarre picture I know.
Well let me explain.
Moa's breath, as I said was deadly, so when we drove all the way from Mettäjärvi to Luleå (a few hours drive) with little stinkball in the car and the windows closed, since it was minus whatever near the north pole, I had to use a gas-mask the whole way or I would die. No kidding.

On our way to Luleå we made a stop at some other relatives for a breather (literally lol)

And finally this is the 4rth of January 2014 a few minutes before we left Luleå
Me and Johnny's mom are petting her and I am saying goodbye.
I knew this would be the last time I'd see her.

We were a lot of people in the room and she was rather excited so she would not stand still for a picture.

I think this is a perfect goodbye picture. She seemed happy there.
And that was the last time I touched that lil red head, furry, smelly, soft wonderful, creature...

Today, 4th of July 2014 at 12 o'clock, they put her to sleep. It was time.
She was calm and surrounded by her family.

Rest in Peace little Moa.
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