Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Yet another new beginning: A retrospect in pictures between Sometime this summer and December ...

Something happened to me this summer. And it bloomed through autumn and thrived in the winter ... But, all this will come with my next post.
Here is a quick retrospect, a Hello and Goodbye to a very significant year ...

I found myself ...

Ratty and I took another trip to lovely Denmark ...

I LOVE travelling by train!

The following two pictures are quite symbolic I say ;)


I walked the Pride Parade ... step one to my journey ...
(mark the "switchmarks" ;) )

Bought myself a new guitar :D

Got insanely creative

Got myself into the studio thanks to my Tobias :)

Got myself some Beer&Whiskey Festival extravaganza for 2 weekends thanks to Rune :D <3

666 shades of Red :D ;)

I got to be Queen of Hearts (Ironic isn't it?) for Halloween and my lovely roommate Tweedle-dee

I got to meet lovely Xanthi and went to Comic Con in Stockholm were I almost cried when I met R2D2

tears of joy!

I can't hide the fact that at that moment I was very aroused!!! :p

And in December was the final countdown.
I decided not to spend Christmas with my familly.
Break tradition and make a new begining.
I had to "come out" to my closest and dearest.
I travelled to my beloved Denmark.
Had some bizzare Christmas :)
Left with a bittersweet taste.

"I own you"

And although this picture is reversed .... it symbolises what comes next ...

to be continued ...
Tags: christmas, dear diary, me, pictures, train, travelling

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