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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
Yet another new beginning: A retrospect in pictures between Sometime this summer and December ... 
3rd-Feb-2015 12:30 pm
Something happened to me this summer. And it bloomed through autumn and thrived in the winter ... But, all this will come with my next post.
Here is a quick retrospect, a Hello and Goodbye to a very significant year ...

I found myself ...

Ratty and I took another trip to lovely Denmark ...

I LOVE travelling by train!

The following two pictures are quite symbolic I say ;)


I walked the Pride Parade ... step one to my journey ...
(mark the "switchmarks" ;) )

Bought myself a new guitar :D

Got insanely creative

Got myself into the studio thanks to my Tobias :)

Got myself some Beer&Whiskey Festival extravaganza for 2 weekends thanks to Rune :D <3

666 shades of Red :D ;)

I got to be Queen of Hearts (Ironic isn't it?) for Halloween and my lovely roommate Tweedle-dee

I got to meet lovely Xanthi and went to Comic Con in Stockholm were I almost cried when I met R2D2

tears of joy!

I can't hide the fact that at that moment I was very aroused!!! :p

And in December was the final countdown.
I decided not to spend Christmas with my familly.
Break tradition and make a new begining.
I had to "come out" to my closest and dearest.
I travelled to my beloved Denmark.
Had some bizzare Christmas :)
Left with a bittersweet taste.

"I own you"

And although this picture is reversed .... it symbolises what comes next ...

to be continued ...
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