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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras Live 2015 
7th-Jan-2016 09:43 am
By the way
Emil and the guys delivered again :)
On the 20th of November I saw them again at the Pygméteatern in Stockholm.

Seeing them at a theatre made it actuall a bit more enjoyable, since there were no random people going in the pub and "monkey dancing" just because it is music.
No, everyone there was a fan.
I loved it! I did not stop dancing ... as always at their concerts.
Damn I love those dudes :D <3

For being a goth and deep into noise and quite heavyly depressing music, this is a great exception to that rule.
However, I am also a musician. I love music and I can find beauty in almost every genre.
There is something comforting about Zydeco. Waaaay too happy go lucky for my taste and standarts; still there is something about it. Something ...
If I every figure it out, I'll write you about it ;)

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
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