Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

The Mansion. Summer in the Dungeons :D

So the time is almost near.
The open weeks at The Mansion.
I am so excited!

Soon, soon, soon we will be "dungeon crawling".
Literally, from dungeon to dungeon to dungeon, amongst 20 something dungeons and play rooms (might be 30, it was hard to count last time I was there)
My heart skips a beat thinking about it!

If you are into BDSM and haven't visited The Mansion, it is like you are into Roller-coasters and never visited Tivoli!

It's a very unique place!

A classic, really old, really big building with a wonderful ghost-like aura hovering allover!
The hotel area, the big dining room, the breakfast room, the staircases, the big corridors, have memories of their own.
Every coat of paint, every chiseled curve of wood, every polished stone, every scratched milky piece of glass, give you the sense of memories past. Calmly entering your brain, making all your senses awake and alert.
The glory of the past, the "might have been" and the decay of time, meeting perfectly the wonderful decadence of the 20 plus timeless dungeons in the basement.
The smell of wet stone, iron and wood, the dying candles in the late hours of the night, the muffled screams and sharp sounds of a whip echoing in the empty dark corridors.
The sounds of untold pleasures!
Pure poetry.
Pure lustful poetry.
And time stands still ...

My head is spinning. I can't wait.
I have been waiting for it 6 months now.

Pet and I had the time of our lives there last New Years.
It was one of those experiences you NEVER forget.
And we were there only one and a half day. Now we will stay for almost a week!
As I write this My heart is pounding!

Only a couple of weeks away ...
Tags: bdsm, dear diary, femdom

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