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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
August Moose Park 
30th-Aug-2016 09:57 pm

Oily, cuddly, scary creatures.
The oil they have on their fur is really fat and it smells really wonderful.
They are really big and intimidating creatures. Those were nice and friendly but only because that crazy dude that owns them was there making sure we won't have our asses handed to us.

If I'd see one in the forest I´d poop myself.

They lose their horns every winter (after mating season) and then start growing new ones.
Size matters for mating.
During mating season, which lasts 2 months. the male doesn´t eat ANYTHING.
The white moose in these pictures is not an albino.
And last, Moose can see colors.

Everytime there is a new baby moose in the farm, this dude goes and lives and sleeps with the baby and its mom the first few weeks so that the lil moose recognises him as a moose too.

Lovely park. I recomend it :)


"What are YOU looking at? "

the Horror years
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