Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

No more gay watching ...

Euro pride is over. No more gay watching :(

I went to the parade yesterday. Got wet all the way trough my bones. I took 1.472 pictures.

Today last minute I decided to go to watch an improvisation theatre concert thingy. It was raining earlier so we thought that they won’t even start since this thing took place at a park theatre (right here on the hill in my hood). But then the clouds went away so we went. We were lucky because Ronnie had friends there holding sits for us. It was fucking fantastic. Well until it started raining again … and after a couple of pauses they decided to finish it earlier. The equipment would not hold with this kind of rain. Cats and dogs I tell ya. I hope someone was filming this thing. It was brilliant! I didn’t have time to empty my camera from the parade pictures so I didn’t take any videos or pictures :\

Kind of irritating also to think that the last 3 weeks the weather was AFRICAN HOT, we could not sleep, we could not eat we could not have sex we could not do anything - so we mostly spend the evenings lying wet and naked with all the windows open - and the only bloody 2 times we had actually PLANS to do something outside … it fucking rained. grrr  Murphy you asshole ... one day I will meet you and I will kick your ass!!!

Tomorrow we might go watch my Christian. If not tomorrow then surely the day after.
Tags: hot, pride, summer, theatre

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