Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Like angel-dust

Today I woke up early in a snowy city.
I always feel so much love and happiness looking at the snow.

I forget whatever troubles me for a few seconds looking at the snow falling.
Especially the first snow of the year.

But this morning, there was something else that made me smile,
before I looked through the window to see the bright veil spread all over;
I looked at my phone that was blinking.
It was My precious.
He hates snow. As a matter of fact, he abhors it.
And he is terrible with words. Generally.
Yet instead of sending me a typical Swede winter-hating drivel
about the dark cold moody day
and the snow that makes his work harder and his mood crappier ...
He sent me this:

"God morgon Älskling,
och välkommen till ett vackert snöigt Sverige!
Snön faller ner likt ängladammet från ängelns vingar efter en lång sommardvala
och nu vaknar upp och slår ut sina vingar för att sväva iväg
och sprida sin kärlek över Dig och Mig.
Är det inte härligt!?"

"Good morning Darling,
and welcome to a beautiful snowy Sweden!
Snow is falling down like angel-dust from angel-wings after a long summer hibernation
and now awoke beating his wings to fly away
and spread his love over Thee and Me.
Isn't it great!?"

I think he is starting to get under my skin.
To have a cynical man writing such a thoughtful loving good morning message about something he detests ...
Well, what can I say.
If that's not love ... then what is?!


 - And while this one is a 3 year old picture, it IS the first snow of that year -
Outside my work on my lunchbreak :D
I was the only happy person that day!

(and no that was not any other key than the key to the office ;) )
Tags: dear diary, happiness, love, mypet, snow

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