Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Delayed pictures from New Year's Eve 2016-2017

Here again <3

The day before

Taking it easy in the library ...

With Whiskey and Apollinaire ...

A short drive to the picturesque nearest town ...

And New Year's Eve ... right before the Dungeon ;)

We tried hard for the "Serious facebook apropriate Couple Piture"

And one for My Cover ;)

The day after we waved bye bye ...
The windmills were calling ....

Untill the summer ... :)

Tags: bdsm, bondage, dear diary, dominatrix, dungeon, femdom, mistress, mummification, my baby, mypet, new year's eve, pet, red hair, travelling
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