Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)


The only time Beelzie keeps still and let's me poke on her mouth is when she is sleeping :D
Let me give you some view for your future if you are a first time puppy owner.
So, Beelzie, to our delight, is changing teeth.
I think it's only a few left now.
When we noticed, a few weeks ago, we thought: "Wohooooooo, her bites won't be razor sharp anymore. So no more bleeding scratches. No more sharp tusks through our poor skin. Yeeeey... "
Don't get excited just yet. When your puppy changes teeth... The pain is not over.
The bites may not feel like an evil cat's claws trying to skin you alive anymore, BUT.... now they feel like really tiny evil hammers of Thor, bludgeoning your knuckles with turbo diesel engine superpower, and sometimes you are sure your hand is broken o_o.
As the teeth grow, so is the pup, it grows bigger and stronger. So, when little Booboo runs towards you all happy and excited with a mouth wide open, a tongue flailing all silly and wet, ears bouncing all cute and feathery, and you think "oh pluuuuut" ... if that mouth lands into your hand, I promise, you will be quite close to the idea getting yourself to the emergency room.
But yeah, no more scratches 😂

Our little Hammerteethasaurus 😍
Tags: beelzie bub, blackandwhitephotography, blue staffordshire bullterrier, dogs, happy, my baby, my love, pets, photography, staffordshire bullterrier

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