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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

World News ...

My boyfriend doesn’t like the fact that I don’t care to watch the News and I don’t care to read news peppers and I really do not want to know what is happening in the world. I watch the news once every 4 months or so to make sure we are not under attack by the falafel eaters and that is it. I said if I was to go on vacation in some remote area with no newspapers, no TV, no mobile and of course no computer, I would be just fine. We have debated many times about that. I understand his point of view, really, but I just cannot deal with the notion of everyday reading all these atrocities.

My day gets fucked up. I become irrational, I get aggravated and sad.

Today after a loooong time I decided to read the news.

World news right? General world news. Not local petty crimes.


Here are some of the today’s Headlines from various newspapers and online News Channels. (Go read if you want to ruin your appetite)


U.S.-Pakistani Brainstorming on Border Violence

Two-Headed Baby Dies At Home

Putin blames US for Georgia role

Russia 'Must Not Start Cold War'

'Kids Die In US-Led Air Strikes'

As Arctic Sea Ice Melts, Experts Expect New Low

Headless bodies found in Mexico

Rat Meat 'Too Pricey' For Poor

Malta fears 71 migrants drowned

10 Killed And Family Is Captive In Kashmir

Georgia fails to escape past

Alarm at Lebanon maid deaths

Mystery: Bodies float up along Florida Keys

Predator's Family Massacre chevron


So,  the last one hit home and I thought, ok, that was it until Christmas …


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