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Everything goes to hell...
A horny bitch  
3rd-Jan-2018 11:15 am

Dear diary.
Beelzie got her period. She got it the day we left her at some friends place to spend new years with their dog. Perfect timing to spend a whole weekend stuffing her butt to poor Hälges face. Hälge is a 2 year old castrated staffordshirebullterrier who had to suffer Beelzie's sexual harassment for 3 days.
We got her back home the day before yesterday, not a puppy anymore but a little "lady". A little lady that has to sit next to me or on me no matter what. It has to be close and it has to be tight and uncomfortable.
She hates the panties but enjoys the treats and extra attention.
Yesterday though, the horny bitch, run away in the night. Just took off in the fields, in the pitch black of the Swedish countryside.
She probably smelled a stud in the hood and run off for a quicky. Or the smell of the male horses confused her, or who knows what. But after a few good long minutes Magnus and I have been out searching with flashlights, like in a movie scene where the fucking kid has run away and the whole village is looking for it with torches, she appeared in the dark all perky, tail wagging, butt wiggling and tongue hanging as if nothing happened. And I wanted to murder the little bitch.

I think I got a gray hair out of this

So now, no more going alone outside to pee miss little runaway 😤

me naked portrait
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