Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Dear diary

Last morning looking into the woods.
Tomorrow I return to the city for a while.
The first week of 2018 found me alone in the country with my boyfriend and our dog.
I spent most days alone with Beelzie. Taking walks, practicing on my pruning,painting, reading, doing nothing with Beelzie on my lap looking at the landscape.
I know I will be glad to be back when I am in the city. I know it.
Happy to take a walk from the central station to the old town. Happy to look at the bridges as I am passing on the train. To listen to the cacophony and fade into it. Even happy to be on the bus on my way to school surrounded by loathsome humans. Happy even to be in a crowded store looking at useless crap I'll never buy. I love the city. The absurdity of it. My city!
But right now, I detest the very idea.
It's always like this. The silence of the woods compels me here. It's always tough to return.
Even more so since Beelzie came into my life. As I write this she sits on my lap and stares outside. Now and then she sits up and growls at the birds. That makes me giggle.
Right now I'd rather do this all day instead of... well ... anything else.

Tags: beelzie bub, country side, countryside, dear diary, happy, my dog, my life in pictures, quiet, staffordshire bullterrier, sweden, writing

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