Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

The Sims™ 2 Apartment Life

The Sims™ 2 Apartment Life expansion has an additional feature. With the previous expansions this year we had super nice new features such as The Vampire Sim, The Werewolf Sim, The Zombie Sim and The Plant Sim (half human half Plant) But yes there was something missing . . . you guessed it … (or you saw the picture before reading :\) … yes, witchcraft !!! Now we have The Witch Sim!!! And she can follow the path of the Dark, the path of the Light or the Neutral Path. As with the other features, you have to work to make your Sim a Witch. So far, I think that the Zombie and Werewolf is the most hard to achieve. But the witch has only one trick, find the High  Witch make her your friend and then ask her. Depending on her alliance you will ask her to show you the dark or light path. You have to be patient and a bit lucky to bump into a Witch though. I was lucky. With my first visit to a public place, I met her (I went to the Museum of Art). So, I just turned my lovely Sim Mithril into an evil Witch :D I met the super duper evil green mean machine witch so I had no choice (even if I wanted to be anything else I couldn’t) I had to ask “Show me the Path of Darkness”. Good news is that depending on your studies and your choice of spells, you can later develop and chose different alliance. You can travel to magical places with your broom and meet other witches. Ain`t it cool?  Being in the dark side its always more fun but as always more hard work and you face further inconveniences. Like, one spell brings rain right? Yeah cool … but it also brings cockroaches though … not so cool now is it? Anyway, I want to see all sides so I am planning to make many Witches. Muhahaha. When you become a witch you get a lovely cauldron and a spell book on a bookstand Ain`t THAT cool? Beats the roaches man. So here is a picture of my lil Witch Sim eating Pancakes. After I turned off the game I thought , man that was baaaad, I should have taken a screenshot of her in the black room with the cauldron and the spell book. What an idiot? But anyway, no bother. Next time I’ll take a cooler picture to put up here and show it of. Plus I must do something about the squish-effect. I don’t know why but all my screenshots end up squished and my pretty Sims look thin with horse faces. Meh …

Here she is. Ain’t she pretty though?



Tags: computer games, the sims™ 2 apartment Life

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