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Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
Everything goes to hell...
My Mistress  
5th-Apr-2018 09:12 am
Dear diary.

I love the city!
I really love it.
Early in the morning just before the stores open.
The noise the traffic the people.
I love it!
I just arrived with the train at the Stockholms central station.
After a whole week in the country's wonderful isolation and calm. After the only thing disturbing my silence being birds or melting ice. It is SO fucking awesome to come back to the noisy and most gray and ugly part of the city (which by the way is under construction 🚧, so it's extra gray and extra dreary now).
Cement, glass and plastic mixed in a plethora of ungodly sounds. An audiovisual orgy of chaos.
And it made me smile.
A big happy motherfucking smile.
I love the countryside, I do. But I am in love with the city. And always will be.
She is my Mistress.
She is exciting and fun and dangerous and weird and dirty and always new.
It makes me feel alive!
The countryside is my wife. Beautiful, unique, extraordinary, safe.
It makes me feel that life is actually worth living!

I could never choose.
I need this balance in my life.
I will always be both.
This morning I am taking this extra time I have in my hands and I am taking a stroll amongst the sounds of drilling and traffic.
I am having an overpriced shitty coffee in a corporate Caffè.
I am window shopping shit I never care to buy.
And I am talking a stroll amongst the beautiful bridges leading to the gorgeous old town.
The jewel of Scandinavia.
My city!
This is going to be a good day.
the amish years
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