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this and that and when and what ...

Clear blue skies, sunny mornings. Smells like spring. Ok then. The summer is exhaling its. Last breath of life … it’s fine.

My father is here. He stays at my sister’s. Every time he visits, he looks and sounds older. And every time I become increasingly tolerant towards him. He says outrageous things sometimes. (no, you can NOT imagine) But it is not his fault. It is his upbringing. He says mean things but he doesn’t realise it, or understands why those things are mean and inappropriate and ohhh sooooo WRONG!!! All I know is that he is old and he has only a decade of life ahead of him, if he is lucky, therefore I want him to be around happy. I don’t want to fight or have long debates with him anymore. At least he is the only one who is not telling me to have kids! (weird) And THAT is the only subject I don’t tolerate anymore.

Now papa is baby-sitting my sister’s firstborn. Thank Zeus he is here to do this now, because how on earth would I be able o baby-sit at 07:00 in the morning without strangulating the thing….


On other news. The machine works. (of course). The Test was a success:) Now I can’t wait till October!!!

Read all about it here.


I'm still in Awe!!!  What a Supreme being human is!!! (Well ... SOME humans ...)

Oh, talking about supreme beings .....


30 of November!!! Ah!

This one will be almost 20 years since I saw them for the very first time - in the  The King & Eye tour - and 10 years since the last time I saw them - in the WORMWOOD tour -
Noy it is The Bunny Boy's turn

Ah! Happy times!!!
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