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Mel Brooks and the 1982 movie The Elephant Man <3

Mel Brooks and the 1982 movie The Elephant Man <3

I found out about this story recently on an pod interview I listened to with Brooks from 2013.
I'm flabbergasted. I have a new found respect for Mel Brooks.

"Jonathan Sanger, the film's producer, optioned the script from the writers Christopher Devore and Eric Bergen after receiving the script from his babysitter.
Sanger had been working as Mel Brooks' assistant director on High Anxiety. Sanger showed Brooks the script, which he read and decided to help finance the film through Brooksfilms, his new company.
Brooks' personal assistant, Stuart Cornfeld, suggested David Lynch to Sanger.

Sanger met Lynch and they shared scripts they were working on (The Elephant Man and Lynch's Ronnie Rocket).
Lynch told Sanger that he would love to direct the script after reading it, and Sanger endorsed him after hearing Lynch's ideas.

However, Brooks had not heard of David Lynch at the time. Sanger and Cornfeld set up a screening of Eraserhead at a screening room at 20th Century Fox.
Brooks loved it and enthusiastically let Lynch direct the film.

By his own request, Brooks was not credited as executive producer to ensure that audiences would not expect a comedy after seeing his name attached to the film."

Mel Brooks LOVED Eraserhead
This is it. The world is not what it seems.

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