Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Marilyn Manson CDs and LPs

It’s been a while now I am trying to sell my Marilyn Manson CDs and LPs. I have some picture discs and the Antichrist Superstar on a limited edition which is unopened. I am too lazy to do the eBay thing or any auction thing for that matter. So I’m trying to find a record store who buys stuff like that. I am so bad at this selling thing … oh so bad. But I really want to get rid of those CDs. I don’t listen to them any more, I don’t particularly like them anymore and I really really need the space for my books that are stacked in piles on end. I am not trying to sell them through my LJ of course but just in case anyone has any suggestions, you are welcome to suggest ;) Here are some pictures just for show.


Some of the CDs (pointless picture)


Here are the LPs


The inside M.A.


The inside O.M.A.


Then single ONE


And single TWO (blurry picture but I didn’t bother)


Then A.S.S. (lol), FRONT


Seal of quality


Then A.S.S., back (double lol)


Limited edition


(I know I know, I should take better pictures pffff. I AM bad at this!!!!)


Although four of them are opened, they have never ever been played. And yes,

the LPs are kinda beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as the money they cost ;)

So I want them out of my bookshelf and into my pocket transformed into money.

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