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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

This Post is for M!

M my dear, I am trying to post a comment on your blog but I keep on getting an error message. First I thought it was all the links I was trying to post but then it gave me the same shity message when I tried to post link-less post. So here is the coment I am making on your post :


 (I totally agree about Heroes)


Ok I don’t remember what you have seen and what not, so I will give you a few suggestions from the most commercial films I have seen since last year that I can remember at this very moment.



If you feel like claustrophobic horror thriller then you should check  “Wind Chill”. Easy going and the actors quite ok.

( )


If you re in for hospital thrillers I have 2 suggestions:

“Pathology” was ok. Nothing special but rather pleasant. (couple of actors though were kinda terrible)

( )


and “Awake”. I liked this one a lot. And even though Jessica Alba is generally good for nothing, in this one I like her a lot.

( )


If you want nice cool clean Horror you should check “30 Days of Night” it was also rather pleasant. The usual lameness (as you say) occurs here and there, but hey, wha’ r ya gonna do?

( )


And then of course “El Orfanato”. This was a really really good movie!!!! I really enjoyed it. You can see that Guillermo del Toro has put his lil finger in this one because there are several of Guillermo’s trademarks scattered all around the movie.

( )


Then if you want to see some action horror- thriller movies, I have 3 suggestions : “Cloverfield”. We likes it!

(  )


 “The Happening”. It starts really nice.

( )


and  “I Am Legend” which has a really fascinating and gripping 30 first minutes!!!

(  )


Last. If you feel like comedy Horror, you can check “Fido”. It is fun :)

(  )


These are the movies I could think of from the top of my head. If I remember something else I will tell you. Oh and I’m guessing you have seen  “1408” ey ???? It was my favorite Horror movie since loooooong! I fucking loved it!!!


( )

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