Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

The Rise and Fall of The Pumpkin King

My street Fog

My kids (yes I made their hats)

My Trick or Treaters

(aren't they to die for? Cutest boy EVER!! He is posing the damn thing!!!)

Samantha’s street

Samantha’s Photo Album


Anna and Samantha looking at the photo album (can they BE any blonder?)

 Our Candy

Daniel’s Lunchbox

Samantha’s home theatre

Samantha playing Dead Space

Samantha’s pet (blurry I know but he was sleeping and I had to be fast)

Anna’s blue tongue ...
yellow and blue .... hmmmmm can she BE more swedish? ;)

My umbrella on my way home ... listening to Voltaire.

I threw my pumpkin out today :( It was dripping something icky!!!

It was actually drooling from the mouth

which became very droopy in the end … 

But ... I have uploaded a photo album here called, The Rise and Fall of The Pumpkin King. Go look ;)

If you go to the album and you zoom in on the pictures (in the last 2) you can see “things” growing inside the right eye …


Next year again ....

now .... prepare for Xmas ;)

Tags: anna, candy, friends, games, hair, halloween, juniors, movies, pumpkin, samantha, video games, vintage

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