Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Goodbye kitty :(

Today we had to say goodbye to my mother's cat.
Sadly she had to leave us too soon. Only 9 years old cause she suffered kidney failure.
She went to her forever sleep early this evening.
Our hearts are broken.
Kramis/Asshole/Satan/Evil/Cat/Surtant/Miffo/Fuff 💔🖤
2011 - 2020


Kramis was supposed to be a boy.
My mom and sister picked her up from a family who had several kitties.
Not my mom nor my sister thought to look that the cat had no balls.
So she was supposed to be called Tom.
Tom never arrived. Instead, that scared shaky weirdo came into our lives.

That poor cat never saw the outdoors.
Apart from those few times we tried to teach her to go outside but she refused with hiss and scratch and terror.
So all her life was spent in a small one room apartment, with no balcony, alone, with my mom.
She got the best food, the best care, she was safe and got a lot of love and was never left alone since my mother's only trips are at the supermarket.
And when mom got breast cancer and had to be away for a while, I had a friend of mine staying at the apartment with her.

But kind of life is this for a cat?
I don't know. It feels unfair to take a cat and cage it like that.
Although she was very special. She really didn't want to go outside. She'd go close to the open window but never ever EVER attempt to go outside. It was really bizzare. She wasn't curious.
The only not curious cat I've ever known.
Kramis was a bit autistic in her behavior. Scared of everything yet rather cool with my dog. Although she had slapped poor Beelzie around a few times. She was my dog's first encounter with a cat and got beaten good. haha :D
Well if anything she taught my dog to respect cats. And she does :)

Kramis was a little awkward and antisocial. She'd purr while you pet her but she'd scratch and bite you suddenly and out of the blue.
But not my mom. My mom she adored!
When mom returned from the hospital she showed for the first time so much affection, vocally and with her body that we couldn't believe it was the same cat.
She would stick to my mom like a tattoo and follow her everywhere.
Until the end when she started showing signs of illness. Loss of appetite, bad hygiene and total isolation.

I realised she was sick when I saw her a month ago for the first time since spring,
(because of the corona I don't visit my mom that often)
I knew when I felt her oily, dusty, dirty fur and then felt her little skeleton ... she was just left skin and bones ... I knew she was sick.
Since I am here at the country house it was my sister who had to got to the hospital with the cat and had to go through diagnosis, (that happened immediately after a blood test) and euthanasia.

My mom is devastated. She cries and hurts. She told me:
"The pain is immeasurable. I never realised how much I loved her"
She had planned to grow old and die with this cat.
My sister took Kramis early evening to the doctor not knowing what was going to happen.
But prepared mom for the worst.
Mom didn't want to believe anything was wrong.
My sister called to tell her the bad news. Told her that she was in her arms, calm and peaceful and that soon she would fall asleep forever in her arms.

Then my sister returned without a cat ...

Now mom is all alone in that apartment, that is filled with kitties toys and furniture.
Kramis/Cat with no name and cat with all the names, was supposed to be my mother's last companion in life.

The irony is that she was just thinking to get one more cat so that Kramis has another friend of her kind.
So that she wouln't be like a Convict anymore.
Another nick name we had for her since she lived kind of inprisoned.

Now she doesn't want to even think of ever getting another cat.
I hope in time and after she mourns, she changes her mind.
A new kitty would ease the pain for sure.

Bye bye weirdo cat.
You were really and deeply loved and you will be very missed.
Tags: cats, dear diary, r.i.p., sad

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