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True Blood

I watched the first episode of True Blood tonight and I have to say, the summary on doesn’t do it any justice. And the pictures make it very unappealing. I thought it would be just another, Buffy-like, teen age drama, with black-belt, big-boobed chicks getting it on, who, naturally, are experts on all kinds of martial arts as well as all the monsters and vampires around. Straight from the grave into the punching and kicking, with back flips and … YAWN … Ronnie wanted to give it a chance and I was putting it off for a long time now. But today I thought, eh, what the eF, let’s give it a try and with the first karate move we will just press STOP. But man, it was good!!! What? Yes! It was smart, and funny, and well directed. Nice editing, very professional photography, smooth camera work. Dialogues not SPECTACULAR, but rather amusing I’d say.

Also, I always loved the New Orleans Vampire mythology and the series is set in Louisiana, so that is a bonus for me ;)

Well, I was entertained!


SPOILER coming up :


“Bill? Your name is Bill? A vampire named Bill?”


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