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Farewell Pushing Daisies

I am so upset.

The only thing that made me really - but I mean REALLY – happy on television, is now being cancelled. Pushing Daisies is going to be pushing daisies. It is going to end with a cliffhanger.

O_O I do NOT understand. This is a piece of art! It is not just a TV series. It is a masterpiece! It is a painting, it is a poem, it is magic!!! And they are canceling it?! I don’t even want to mention the GARBADGE they are keeping instead.

I am SO confused. WHAT?

And the creator  (Bryan Fuller) in the news section says: " ... We are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a movie ready to go…” Eh? WHO gives a TOSS about the tossing comics. It was not just the story! It was The photography, the directing, the editing, the camera angles, THAT was the magic!!! Not to mention the imaginative make-up the inspiring hairdos and the disgustingly beautiful wardrobe!!! Just take a look at this beauty ...

I don’t want to look at still pictures and read dialogues out of white bubbles to find out what happened to the pie-maker!!!  As for the movie. Better than nothing you might say but it might or might not happen. And knowing Hollywood they will rap it up in some tedious love story TADA ending and they will most probably add some celebrities in the cast to attract more people. It will of course be pretty but I know it won’t be enough. There are so many stories yet to be told, so many questions, so many pretty places to visit.

I can’t even begin to describe how upset I am. And sad:(

Really each episode made me SO happy!!! Visually it was a blessing for the eyes!!! The production was very good so everything in the show, every single object, looked so unique, so out of this world, so dreamy, so pretty so … And I was smiling and sighing out of genuine happiness!!!

Bye bye "Pie Hole"


I hope those assholes who made this decision will bankrupt and live in a cardboard box for the rest of their sorry life.


I know it is not going to do much .. or nothing … but I am going to sign the petition

Petition to save Pushing Daisies

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