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Christmas beer!!! It has begun ...

We bought some Christmas beer from the store last week and we are stocking really good stuff for the unholydays. BUT …  since we are not the Stackerssons, we have already drunk half of the stuff we bought. We have already indulged on those :

(click on for bigger viewing)





Then we have some more in the fridge but only one is Xmas-y. This one:



Soon we are going to buy some more and from the 1st of December the Xmas beers are on the pubs as well, so there is more to come.

Last Monday  (24 November) I went to “ Bishop’s Arms” with Samantha and Ronnie.


It was planned since long , to go there with the first snow. And it was lovely!!! :)


(I just LOVE the view from that sit)


I don’t remember exactly what the others had, Ronnie had a Porter and Samantha had an IPA (Imperial India Pale Ale)
I had another La Chuffe but a bit lighter that the one I had at home (La Chouffe N’ICE ) and without the heavy herbs. It was good But La Chouffe N’ICE was better. It smelled like Christmas tree :) !!! It really did! :)



Yesterday I went to “Accurate” with Ronnie and his mama. They didn’t have “special” Xmas beers yet, as I said they are bringing the good stuff on the 1st of Dec. Well they had some, but those I can find at the liquor store and as a rule, I don’t drink beer in pubs that I can find at the liquor store. I only get what I can’t find ANYWERE else. So the one I can find only at this pub is my BELOVED Urthel




(this pic. is taken with Ronnie’s mobile but eh … it’s good enough)

You MUST go visit Urthel’s  web page!!! You simply MUST!!!


"Thou who speak says a lot,
                   Thou who speaks with signs says a lot more..."

Yrrah, Tynth Leyerth of Ley


Go and then check the link Chronyckles. Scroll down to see the Da Vinci spoof.

So cute!!!


Today I felt like putting the espresso machine in a good use so I improvised and I made my first barista attempt. I made a supreme coffee. I named it Alechandrino.

Freshly brewed coffee with cinnamon (in the filter), sugar (if wanted), 1 ts chocolate syrup. Stir well and then add slowly the steamed milk (fresh milk). Finish with cocoa sprinkle and VOILA! You just made an Aleccandrino ;)  



Over and out!



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