Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
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"nice day for good everyone!"

December 04 2008

Me, Anna and Samantha making Xmas cards


With Glög, coffee (alechino), junk food, cookies … and lots of glitter … 




Anna here going to town ...


yes the kids were with ...

Out of focus

very focused



My mess ...

aaaaalmost like my make up ;)


last but not least …. The Chinese stickers I bought from the Glitter Shop…
This must be the funniest Engrish thing in my possession …


overkill ...


the company's name is "Great" ...

I laughed so much, when I first saw this, I think I peed a little …

"Happy a good time"


by the way, my Xmas mp3 list is now working properly


Tags: anna, arts and crafts, friends, girls, girly mode, glitter, glögg, me, xmas, xmas cards
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