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Holiday report part 1

It’s been a looooooooong holyday season.

My parents were here for, what seemed like, an eternity ...

Now that I finally have time to write I am exhausted. So I’ll skip through the holydays briefly and get to the present.

Xmas Eve Spend it with most of my family (the Swedish way) 26 December  with the Greeks (they were tired the day before otherwise they celebrate on the 25). Then on the 27 with Ronnie’s dad step mom brother and annoying friend. Then we had some more dinners with mixed family ... I lost count. I got a lot of presents :)

One of them is from Ronnie, a cordless mouse and a cordless keyboard :) Oh how happy I am! No more pulling in anger!! :D Also, a nice office chair with fake leather from my dad. Yeyyyy :) no more back pain :) Some more black things here and there - pots and cups and towels - and of course more black satin sheets and pillow cases from sister ... and lots more big and small ...

New years eve I had friends over. We had really good food, really REALLY good beers, good dessert, amazing fireworks and when we got back from the fireworks we had an after dessert waiting, it was

atropab's really tasty cheese pie (which served me well the day after too)


And then the holydays went on and on up until this Saturday when my parents went back to their home …

I finally found peace and quiet to spend with my boyfriend.

I’m exausted...


Tags: family, friends, new year's eve, presents, xmas

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