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The Dog Walk (part 1of 2)

Last Thursday I went to Anna’s place for a quick visit. I met her neighbor’s cats, I met her cat and then we went for a dog walk at the “dog place” near her home. She is a volunteer dog walker. Every time you get a random dog. This time we got a dog named … Niko!!!! What are the odds? Maybe the next dog is going to be Roman hehe.

Here are the neighbor’s cats. I don’t remember who is who but one of them is named “katten” (The Cat). Beautiful boys!!!


Pretty Anna, pretty picture!

This here is weirdo fat ass Lizen.


Believe it or not she has lost a whole kilo (Anna brags about this kilo all the time so I thought I should mention it. Also, Lizen has a Blog you can visit. She does not write that often but you get the idea. Here it is:

Here is Niko with Anna.

Niko behaved like a 6 month old puppy but he is 11 years old!!!
They told us, before we started the walk that
he had a bad stomach. We realized why after a while ... he was licking every spot with pee on it. Yack!

This is Niko with me.


It was a lovely lovely walk. We will do it again tomorrow :) Though this time I will get dressed better. I was wearing far too little clothes for a -8C (a shirt and a coat and my military trousers without tights. I froze my behind off)

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