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In short

Interesting how it goes.

Accordion girl still not found.

Editor for my poems still not found.

Inspiration on vacation.


Money talks.


Who wants to get on board for the united independent artists? My vision for tomorrow. A group of people making art. But who will fund this group? I hate almost everybody. As George Carlin said: The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.

So how am I going to be diplomatic with sponsors?

Kiss-ass needed. We pay by the amount of ass-kissing you can do.


I hate modern art. But the modern art I hate is not modern anymore. So I have no idea if I like modern art.

Anything that does not include living organisms.


I bought my first striped shirt. Black and white. From the children’s department. It has a little tag were I can write my name on. Very very piratey. It kinda freaks me out. I’ll post a picture.


People bore me. And those who don’t, live too far to visit.


I am a genuine lazy person. Recently I have been fighting it. I travel far and wide to stimulate my brain cells.


 Do not laugh.


I watched the inauguration. It was ... modest. I’m glad.


I am going to drive my car now. (yes in G.T.A.)

Tags: accordion, arts and crafts, dear diary, music

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