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Dog walk II

 On the 19th Anna and I went for our second doggy walk. This time the dog´s name was Sigge! (Or Cigge? I have no idea how you are supposed to spell this name.)
He is Niko’s son.

Ah it was so beautiful in the woods with the snow :D
Like a fairytale ...


Well he was a feisty little thing. He wouldn’t stand still to take fucking picture. In most pictures he is a blur.

He would carry big, and I mean BIG pieces of wood. 
In the end he was carrying a tree.


I convinced Anna to go on the ice this time:) Ah! Scandinavian woods and lakes!!! It was so pretty. My lake is so beautiful!!!

Sigge was biting my coat, hanging from my sleeves and chewing my shoe. I wanted to open a hole in the lake and throw him in there.

After watching Cesar MilLan´s show for a LONG time, one would think that one could handle dogs pretty good. Yeah, you’d think that … But no matter how many times I went “tssst” on Sigge … I didn’t get any reaction … well I got a bark … and lots of dog saliva on my beautiful coat …

Following a medal for self control and after I refrained myself from violence, I bribed him with some goodies so he kinda relaxed:)
If I ever adopt a dog he will be a really fat dog!



Then, later on, we drove to Järfälla, (6 minutes drive or something), to Anna’s brother’s house. It was garbage day so everyone had their garbage containers pushed close to the road. I don’t know why, but this little tiny street, with those little tiny houses, in this little tiny neighborhood, with all those little tiny containers, all put nicely in place, made me feel all … candy cane and cotton candy inside ...
There was an
Edward Scisorhands feeling to it. I loved it!!! I love suburbia!
There is something really beautifully creepy about it ...



After that, I took the train to Samantha’s place where I was introduced to this plant.



I posted these pictures on the Botanical Garden where I am a member and I am waiting from my fellow gardeners to identify it, so that my friend Samantha will give it a proper care in the future :)



If you know what it is and you tell me here first, you win … eh eherm … respect points (?) ;)



“One love!”

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