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The occasional soft-rant …. Because it is good for the soul … ;)

Hollywood gets seriously to my nerves. Remember Mickey Rourke? The nobody from the 80s? He is a rather mediocre actor, well ok he is not bad but he is as good as many ok? And just because he disappeared for 10 years, got his ass wooped and his brain-cells burnt to a crisp from boxing and narcotics, he is all of a sudden a fucking hero. Fucking fuckers. I hate Hollywood. As soon as an actor disappears even for a year they leave him for dead, but if some cretin decides to unbury this actor, they glorify him. Come what may, they can praise ANY idiot for being an asshole all his life, if only they make some sort of comeback. And if by any chance the particular idiot is also a little bit of a freak (like Mr. Rourke), then it is a big whoop tee doo fucking deal. Pffff. He is a bloody nothing. He can not have a straight though even if his life depends on it. I saw him on The Tonight Show and he could not form a fucking sentence. He didn’t put a period in any of his rumblings. Leno had to pick up the pieces from every unanswered question with a new question.

I mean ok. I feel for the guy, I do. He is not that bright, he has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and after continual blows in the head and decades of “other” blows, it is only natural to become a walking, breathing, monkey-blob in a semi-vegetative state. I feel for the guy, I really do. And I really admire the fact that even though he can not communicate with people, he is trying to survive, to get back on his feet and he can still act as well as he can!!! Sure, kudos to the man!!! But he does not deserve an award for any of that. And NO his acting is not THAT spectacular. Fucking Hollywood. They give awards to dead people because they died and to zombies like Rourke because they didn’t die. Absurd!!! The gave him a Golden Globe and now he is going to be nominated for an Oscar? Fuck you assholes!!! Johnny Depp deserves at least 10 Oscars and he has gotten none … if they give one to the Elephant Man I curse them to start shitting from their mouth.

Although Mr. Rourke DID thank his dog for the award … Hmmm touching ... But then again ... it WOULD have been admirable IF he had any brain cells left, so to assume that he was being ironic!!! But the man was sincere ... and that might be sweet but it is also very … very sad.

(yet it WAS funny . . . I admit it . . . I laughed)


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