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the little yellow man from google maps

I am spellbound by Google Maps and the new feature. (well it is new for me since I discovered it 3 days ago) The little yellow man on the left of the map. You can drag and drop him in a road and (if available) you get to “be there”. You can see pictures taken from a car, from the road. And you can use your mouse or arrows to look around you. And I mean ALL around you!!! Up and down and left and right. It is amazing. I saw places I never thought I’d see. It is not available all over the world yet but it is available in a big part of the USA, almost every street in New York and other major cities. As for Europe ... it is only big parts of France that are available, some parts of Italy and Japan. I’ve checked many many places and it really feels like you are the one who took the pictures. And if you keep your mouse a little turned from the road, it feels like you are leaning in the back of the car on your window and enjoying the road trip. It is amazing. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen on the internet. God I love technology.

I have to say, from what I have seen, I didn’t expect it, but, I’d really want to go to America. There are some places … man it is amazing!!! The nature is bewildering, the architecture is so vibrant and it varies so much from state to state … what am I saying? … from city to city, that you never get bored. I particularly fell in love with Irvington, Tarrytown, New Orleans, Bourbon St … to name a few …



To see the samples click on “view large map link” and then click on the panel << to enlarge the picture.


View Larger Map


View Larger Map

New Orleans

View Larger Map

New Orleans

View Larger Map

And don’t get me started on San Francisco, Painted Ladies and so on …


View Larger Map


View Larger Map

Ah …. Beautiful … God  damn it … I want to travel …

 I have to note here that I was extremely disappointed with Japan. Apart from very few specific historical sights the rest is HORRIBLE! I don’t even want to mention the suburban horror, I am just telling you about the main city. Tokyo my friends sucks ass. Lol. I know some of my friends will be very upset with me right now (especially those who have actually been there in reality hehe) But man, Tokyo is not my cup of tea! It is a massive clod of cement. A colossal collection of concrete abomination. You would think that a picture is not enough to describe a city … well … think again … just google map it and you’ll see what I mean …



I “went” to

Las Vegas and as I was typing I thought, hmmm,I don’t think I have ever seen Las Vegas in the day time, the main casino streets I mean. So I dragged the little yellow man on the Las Vegas Blvd Street and  … lol it was night time hahaha. The nighttime pictures are not such a good quality but it is a good joke. If you “drive” all along the Las Vegas Blvd Street at some points it turns into day so if you take one step and from night it becomes day, you can turn around with your mouse and look at the point you just left behind you. 

Go check it out.

All you have to do is go to Google Maps. And drag the little yellow man. The moment you pick him up, all the available streets are highlighted “blue”.

You need to zoom in first to make sure you see the streets as clear as possible on the map and then you drag the little yellow man to the desired street.

And happy travels ;)

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