Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

new cacti => 3w+ 3c+ 1w+ 3c+ 3d+ 3h=16?

These are 3 dudes I bought 3 weeks ago. Hewy Lewy and Dewy. I put them in this nice pot I got from the dude across the street and added some black stones and some of my favorite glittered stones and voila. But now I think I want to change it since I bought 3 more cati. Well one week ago I got this Haworthia, which is not a cactus but it gets along with cacti since it needs water once every 2 months.



She is Sheena’s cousin. (Sheena is the Haworthia I have in the kitchen with Aleister)
Sheena is a Haworthia attenuata zebrine and the new chic is a Haworthia fasciata 'concolor'


This is Sheena on the left picture and on the right is Aleister my proud Aloe.


Then 3 days ago … there’s a fungus among us …
I bought this lil fellow here …

He is so …. weirdly cute … he is like bacteria … I haven’t researched it yet so I don’t have an acuarate ID yet.

And 3 hours ago I bought this big guy! No ID for him yet either.


So these are my new babies. I want to put them all together in a big shallow pot so this instulation with Hewy Lewy and Dewy is not gonna stay for long.



Well I need names for my 3 newest babies … any suggestions? I think I might name the "fungus-y" cactus Jeremy  because it sounds like "germ" and since he looks like a germ
… yeah ya know …

Hmmmm … it just hit me … do you see a pattern here? 

3 weeks ago I bought 3 cacti. Then in a period of one week, 3 days and 3 hours I bought 3 more …. Hmmm …

the number 16 pops up ... hmmm

Yeah, I watch too much Lost, leave me alone…


Tags: cacti, dish-garden, gardening, plants

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