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Today at 21:00 I am going to the movies. I am going to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Since I am an antisocial social personality I hate going to the movies because if there is an asshole in the hole room, he will definitely sit beside, behind or in front of me. It is a fact I gather all the noisy smelly assholes around me. And I really hate people. Eating, drinking, talking, smelling, moving people. But I love movies!!! I watch 1-2 movies every day on an average week. And I really love the dark room the big screen and the LOUD surround sound; So, once in a while I let myself drag me to the theatre. I don’t remember what I saw last time … but I remember that I didn’t get very angry. This will be my first for 2009 and if it is good I will let me take me to watch The Tale of Despereaux as well.
Wish me luck :)

Tags: cinema, movies

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